Flash Design Demo

Does your web site need Flash?

Watch our entertaining Flash demo to show you the capabilities of our work in Flash. We managed to get this Flash demo in at less than 45 KBytes. Try to keep file sizes as small as possible for faster downloads. We can add high speed Flash images on your web site, without a huge compromise in load speed. Load speed is critical in keeping customers. Keep your Flash fast and to the point.

Get macromedia Flash Player

Get macromedia Flash Player

Most often, page headings designed with Flash can make a nice, clean effect, and give your site a fresh look. We can also create unique and stylish banner ads using Flash. We recommend designing certain aspects of your web site in Flash, but avoid overuse. Overuse of Flash can cause slow load time on old computers and dial up connections.

These are examples of a Flash intro and a corporate Flash intro that we were subcontracted to produce for another web design company. Notice the sound we added to fit the look and feel of this Flash project.