Short URL Creator Script

Short Easy URL Script

  • Quick and easy redirection.
  • Clean up or hide your affiliate links.
  • Mask real web addresses with one you choose.
  • Shorten long web addresses for emailing.
  • Make easy links to listings on auction sites.
  • Update your auction URL's links daily if needed.
  • Make URLs that you can explain over the phone.
  • This script creates real static web pages.
  • Easy 5 Minute installation.
  • Requires a Linux or Unix server with PHP and setting permissions to 777.
  • We can install it for you, if you need assistance.
  • The sky is the limit of what this script could be used for.

What is a URL Shortening?

First let's start with the definition: URL = Uniform Resource Locator

This is the unique full address to particular page of a web site on the Internet, and is what shows in the address bar. It usually begins with HTTP, but may begin with HTTPS for SSL secure pages.

Usually your home page URL will look something like this:

Take a close look through your web site to see if you have any URLs that look like this:


Shortening the URL to the length below would make it easy for your web site visitors to understand the topic of the page from the URL, and would be easier to explain over the phone or email. Plus, if you had to click one of these links in an email, which URL would you most likely click on? (The one above or below.)

Hide Affiliate Links

Web site visitors are becoming more educated on clicking affiliate links, and may avoid them thinking they can save money from buying direct, so they don't have to pay you a commission. They just don't understand how the affiliate system works. What if you could turn those long messy affiliate links into something more attractive like this?

Email Problems

There are many possible issues that long URLs may cause. One issue is that you many not be able to email a working link of your site to a friend or client. The link may take up two lines in the email, and may break after the (&) ampersand or (?) question mark, therefore cannot be properly clicked.

Screen Shots of Easy URL Creator Script

This is how Easy URL Creator will work on your web site and with your domain name.

Easy URL Creator Screenshot

Easy URL Creator Screenshot Image 2

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Requires a Linux or Unix server with PHP and setting permissions to 777. 
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