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RETS Connector for Real Estate Websites

Real estate agents come to us frequently wanting to know how to connect a RETS feed to their website.

This is a much more difficult development process than it may seem.

For example the RETS for Orlando, Florida MLS is completely different than the RETS feed for Melbourne, Florida MLS.

Not only is the way you set up the RETS connector for the feed different, but the data is set up with different fields and table names. Now, extracting the fields from the databases and displaying as listings is going to be different code on each of these MLS systems. Even if you use PHPRETS you need a way to make downloaded MLS feed searchable from the MySQL database.

If you are a member of two or more MLS systems that are different you would then have to build a centralized system to merge the data if you want mixed results between the two MLS to function under the same search.

While many web site designers claim they can figure out how to hook up a PHP RETS connector, there is a substantial learning curve to this whole process. We have been working with real estate sites for a number of years now, so we can assist you with things many other web design companies have not even thought about yet.

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