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What are Extended Validation SSL Certificates?

What extended validation SSL certificates provide is the highest level of verification for your web site's vistors. The extended validation process has been standardized by all certification authorities for maximum safety.

Example screenshot of a secure domain secured by SSL

New browsers will also display both the organization name and issuing certification authority. The extended validation SSL certificates help to provide your web site's visitors with the assurance that your web site is a secure place to conduct their business.

The SSL validation process is much more extensive than any existing SSL certification processes. The validation includes a verification process of your company or business identity, the validity of your SSL request, and the overall legitimacy of your company, website, and/or business.

Do I need an SSL secure certificate?

If your web site collects or handles sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers, then you need to have an SSL 'Secure Sockets Layer' secure certificate to help keep that information encrypted and safe from prying eyes and hackers. Let your valuable web site customers and visitors know that your web site's transactions are 128-bit encrypted and secured with an SSL secure certificate.

A secure certificate can help protect your customer information from cyber theft. It shows your customers that you care about their private information and want to keep it secure. Once an Internet user enters a secure area, a padlock appears on the screen. An "https://" prefix in the URL and a key or padlock icon in the browser's status bar indicates that a site is secure. The SSL secure certificate enables the browser and server to build a secure, encrypted connection. SSL 'Secure Sockets Layer' secure certificate establishes the secure session to take place without interrupting the consumer's shopping experience.

If a web site in not secure and the visitor attempts to submit personal information to an unsecured site, the browser's built-in security alert will likely send a warning to the customer reminding them that the web site is not secure, and that sensitive data might be intercepted by third parties. Given such a warning, most of your web site visitors will leave and find a secure site to make their purchase.

SSL secure certificates provide security for web sites that contain forms, or that use private data, such as passwords, credit card numbers, contact information, and social security numbers. Secure certificates allow you to secure the applicable areas of your site and build a wall of security around your customer's private information on your web site. SSL secure certificates have a virtually unbreakable 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer SSL encryption for sensitive transactions on your secured site.


Online sales are growing constantly, yet many people remain afraid of shopping online. They fear that sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, might be compromised if they use their credit cards to buy online.

Today's educated shoppers demand that businesses keep their personal data safe from tampering. With a secure certificate, you will help meet your web site visitor's security requirements. Therefore, if you run an online business, you need an SSL secure certificate to increase your sales and create customer confidence.

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