Web Hosting

With full service webhosting, we can handle almost everything for you.

We can assist you with loading your site, setting up email, webmail, additional users, datatbases, setting up SSL certificates, XML p3p privacy policies, and more.

Helping make everything easy for you, in a one-stop-shop environment, from development to hosting.

Everything You Need

We custom tailor managed web hosting packages to the needs of our clients. Web hosting is not like a cookie cutter, one size fits all. We do not offer set packages on our full service managed packages. Instead, we work with our clients to make sure they have the web hosting that fits their individual needs. From a small ecommerce site to dedicated servers, we can handle it all.

We also offer dedicated servers and self serve web hosting options, with set pricing, below.

Managed Web Hosting Features

There are so many available options in managed web hosting. Below are some of the most popular.

  • Multiple E-mail Addresses
  • Free Auto Responders
  • Redirects
  • MySQL Database Support
  • CGI-BIN Support
  • Front Page Extensions
  • Web Site Statistics
  • Secure Login Directories
  • Multiple Domain Redirects
  • SSL Secure Socket Layer Protection
  • Secure Certificates
  • Free setup with most sites

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Dedicated Servers

Do you want more speed? Do you want to be in full control to add and manage domains, web sites, emails, clients, databases, and server certificates? Do you have larger bandwidth and storage requirements? Do you want to start your own web hosting business?

If you answered YES to any of these questions a dedicated server may be right for you.
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Can you do it yourself?

Are you the do-it-yourselfer type? If you know how to use FTP to upload your site, and are familiar with setting email accounts and databases, you can set up web hosting right now.

Available Online Web Hosting Plans and Specials 

Do I need a secure certificate?

If your web site collects or handles sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers, then you need to have an SSL 'Secure Sockets Layer' secure certificate to help keep that information encrypted and safe from prying eyes and hackers.

Information on SSL Secure Certificates 

Do you have web hosting questions?

See our web hosting information and definitions. Still have questions on web hosting? If you can't find the answer on our web site, please call us toll free at 1-888-7-WEB-PRO and we will try our best to help you.