Understanding Merchant Accounts and Getting Started

Getting set up with a merchant account and being able to process credit cards online is nowhere near as complicated or difficult as it once was. If you ever established a merchant account for a business in the past, you'll remember that you probably had to wait a while to get approved for your account and even longer to get your account set up, before you were finally able to start processing credit cards. Not to mention all the fees involved! Then, you got hit with the cost of a very expensive credit card machine that you needed in order to submit your transactions for processing!

Well, we are very happy to say those days are gone forever, thanks to the Internet and the very quick and easy Merchant Account Program here at Fencl Web Design. In fact, we can have you up and running with your own merchant account, processing credit cards online or manually, in just a matter of days.

If you have had a merchant account before, then you probably understand the process already and this can be a good quick review. If you are applying for your first merchant account, we will try to explain the process completely, so you understand exactly how it works.

The First Step: A Merchant Account

In order to accept and process credit cards you must first have two things: a merchant account and what is known as a "Payment Gateway," the electronic interface that connects your merchant account to the issuing bank's processing network in order for your credit card transaction(s) to be processed.

The merchant account is what you will actually be applying for and being approved for here, before you can go on to step two and set up your "Payment Gateway." Your merchant account is the actual bank account you will be using to accept your credit card transactions. We have been successful in getting virtually all of our clients approved for a merchant account, even some higher-risk clients with not-so-perfect credit or other small issues that may make approval difficult.

The application process is very simple, just fill out the quick application on our APPLICATION PAGE and leave the rest to us. We will typically process your application within 24 hrs., and you should get your approval notification very quickly afterwards. Once approved, it is on to step two and setting up your "Payment Gateway."

Step Two: Your "Payment Gateway"

Once your merchant account has been approved and is established, the next step is setting up your "Payment Gateway" and you will be ready to start processing credit cards!

The "Payment Gateway" is the state-of-the-art, ultra-secure, encrypted electronic network the banks have set up to enable merchants to connect with them and transmit transaction information with total, complete security. This can be done with a desktop or countertop credit card swiping machine, a POS connection or even better, from a simple secure online shopping cart or customized order form on your website or hosted on ours.

woman making an online transaction

In the old days, you had no choice but to have a card terminal and physically swipe a credit card, or at the very least have a terminal in order to be able to key in and submit your transaction(s) data to your "Payment Gateway." Now things are very different. A vast majority of online credit card transactions are now automated through websites in various ways. These are typically either a form hosted by our "Payment Gateway" provider, which is secured and encrypted on their secure server but customized for you and displayed on your website, or your own form on your website if you have your own SSL certificate.

The good thing is we will take all the hassle out of setting up everything for you! It's all included in your one-time $99 setup fee and you'll never have to worry about it again! Just let Fencl Web Design set up your online credit card account and all you have to do is start processing those credit cards and making your business grow!

If you think a merchant account is right for you then simply fill out the easy application form or call and ask to speak to one of our merchant account specialists today. If you have any questions at all about any of the details of setting up a merchant account or about your particular business or credit situation we are here to help answer any of your questions. Just pick up the phone and call us today at: 321-255-4242 or CALL TOLL FREE 888-793-2776.

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