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Merchant Account FAQ's

What type of business can apply for a merchant account with Fencl Web Design?

We are happy to accept all types of business, from retail to professional. Whether your business is conducted at a brick-and-mortar location, by mail or telephone order, over the internet, at trade shows or at home, we can supply you with the merchant account you need for a successful business. The only type of businesses that we cannot accept are adult-related businesses

Is it necessary to already have a business license?

We realize that setting up a new business takes time, and it is not necessary to already have your business license or DBA certificate when you apply for an account. However, it is helpful if you do have this and you are encouraged to follow the requirements of your state or jurisdiction in setting up your business.

Is it necessary to already have a website?

Again, we recognize that setting up a business can be a long process and we want to help you get set up as quickly as possible. While you do need at least a basic website that shows the product(s) you will sell and prices, it does not need to be live or completely finalized before you apply for a merchant account.

Do I have to have a business checking account to set up a merchant account?

If your business is set up as a corporation, you do need to have a business checking account. However, if you are a sole proprietor you may use either a personal checking or business checking account to set up your merchant account

Do I have to have perfect credit to apply for a merchant account?

No! It's perfectly fine to have less than stellar credit. We have one of the highest merchant account approval rates in the industry, so it's more than likely we can still approve you even if you have had credit problems.

Setting up a Merchant Account

How do I apply for an account?

We have made setting up a merchant account as quick and easy as possible. Simply fill out our free application and we'll get started on setting up your account for your 30 day risk-free trial. Filling out the application should take as little as 10 minutes, and does not commit you to anything more than the 30 day, risk-free trial

How long does it take to set up a merchant account?

We can usually process and set up new accounts within 24 hours. If you apply first thing in the morning, we may even be able to have you up and running on the same day! As soon as your account is approved we will contact you to let you know and to deliver your software or equipment. See Understanding Merchant Accounts

What is the 30 day, risk-free trial?

Our 30 day, risk-free trial is our way of letting you experience our exceptionally fast, efficient processing and great customer service without financial commitment. Try our services for 30 days and if for any reason you don't think we have lived up to being one of the top merchant account suppliers in the business, we will cancel your account and refund you the cost of any equipment or software bought. The only thing you don't receive back is the transaction fees for any money that has been deposited into your bank account using your merchant account.

Can I call you for help applying for my account?

Yes, we are always happy to assist our customers in setting up a merchant account. You can call us today at: 321-255-4242 or CALL TOLL FREE 888-793-2776 with any questions.

Using a Merchant Account

What credit cards can I accept with a merchant account?

The basic merchant account will be able to accept Visa, MasterCard and bank ATM cards (debit cards). If you wish to also accept Discover and American Express cards, there is a small additional fee that includes setting up your own Discover or American Express accounts.

How do I get the money from transactions processed through my merchant account?

Every time there is a transaction, the money will be deposited in the bank account (business checking for corporations, personal or business checking for sole proprietors) that you used when you applied for your account. In most cases, the money will be there within 2 to 4 days, possibly a little longer if your business is considered high risk. See How Transactions Work

Will I receive statements about my merchant account?

Yes, every month you will receive statements by mail or email showing the transactions made, the total amount deposited in your account and the related charges. You can also access up-to-the-minute information about your account online.

What is the discount rate?

The discount rate is the percentage of each transaction that is charged by the bank and processing company to process the transaction and deposit the money into your account. It is charged by every bank, but at Fencl Web Design we keep the rates as low as possible, so you receive as much of your money as possible.

What is the address verification system?

Credit card fraud is a big problem and you don't want to lose money through a chargeback because someone used a stolen card and had you ship products to a different address to the real cardholder. The address verification system is a way for you to protect your business against such fraud. It allows you to look up the cardholder's address as held by the credit card company to see if it matches the home address specified by the customer. If the two don't match the card could be being used fraudulently, and you may decide to refuse the transaction to protect yourself.

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